At least 7 station of line 7 will be opened until the end of this year

Mr. Ali Emam, the CEO of Tehran city railway company told

7000 billion Rials bond is finalized for this project and the credit is ready in the agent bank. 5 stations of line7 were opened in Tir and we try that, 5 stations between Mahdieh and Basij stations in eastern part and Tarbiat Modarres and Sanat Square stations in northern part, come into operation until the end of this year.

The reconstruction commission secretary: Until the end of Shahrivar, nothing new will happen in Metro line 6

The reconstruction commission secretary: Until the end of Shahrivar, nothing new will happen in Metro line 6.

The reconstruction and transportation commission secretary told: Because of the lack of credits, the part of metro line 6 that was going to finished at the end of Shahrivar, will not come to operation in the specified time.

Nothing new will happen about the metro line 6, until the end of Sharhrivar, Mohammad Ali Karoni told Mehr news reporter. He continued, according to the progression of the project it seems that, the 10 kilometers part of line 6, that was going to be opened with the new academic year, will have a delay and is not ready at the appointed time because of the failure to provide needed credit.

He told that a good credit is predicted in 1397 year budget for developing metro lines. Municipal Finance Department has not yet dedicated the budget of metro and we hope that the credit injection will continue in a better way. The reconstruction commission secretary also explained about line 7 metro line: At the moment the priority is metro line6 and the line 7 is the next.

According to Mehr news agency, Mayor of Tehran will visit metro line 6 on Monday to be informed about the details of completion of the project.

Checking the improvement, programs, problems and obstacles

Checking the improvement,  programs, problems and obstacles

The visit of  of Mr. Emam the CEO of Tehran city railway company and Dr. Mashkoori the CEO of  Petro Energy group, deputies consultants, metro line 6 managers and executers

(between Dolat Abad and Shohada square)


Afshani, the Tehran mayor told

:Afshani, the Tehran mayor told

The metro line 6 will be completely opened in the Dolat week of the next year .10 kilometers of this line with 4 stations will be in the operation in Aban