The message of Managing Director
Dr. M.H.Mashkouri

Nowadays, the challenges of Environment, Energy and Water have become decisively the most important disturbance for human. The main reasons why this disturbance has occurred are consisted of “Explosion of polluting gases and greenhouse gases which can lead to air pollution and global warming” and “Water scarcity and water stress which are the result of climate changes” and “dust storms which are the effects of Precipitation deficit and lakes dryness”. Having undesirable effects on environment and biodiversity on the land and in the sea, all the reasons explained can confirm the challenges of Environment, Energy and Water through the world certainly.
The items established the opportunity of entering in the field of energy for shahr petro energy group as the representative of shahr bank are consisted of “Replacement of renewable energies”, “Limitation in the use of fossil fuel” and “use of suitable technology in the field of water supply, for instance, water desalination systems”, “the practical management of waste with the amount of more than 50 million tons per day worldwide”.
In the year of 1393, Shahr Petro Energy Group (CPEG), based on shahr bank of Iran, has founded to develop the solutions to manage the difficulties which have been mentioned already. Therefore, this company has tried to have an effective role on explained subjects in Iran.
Through cooperation on different projects related to Energy, Waste, Water and transportation, this company has got the chance to make profit and speed energy projects.
Our company can manage our plans more efficiently, cooperating with “ministries of energy, oil, urban and roads development and etc.”, and related organizations like “SATBA, fuel and energy optimization enterprise”.
Being experienced in the field of energy and environment, I express my support about all the plans explained in our enterprise and I will do my best to achieve our enterprise goals in company with all board members